The rising cost of football, but who is affected more?

The enjoyment and thrills of watching a football game are slowly diminishing with the cost of match day tickets rapidly rising by the week bewildering football fans and making them ask themselves the essential question; is it worth it? This has been especially apparent in the prestigious English leagues where clubs are increasing the prices of away tickets in order fund their progress and profits leaving football fans victimised by the audacity of the club they follow and devote their time to.

Most fans are willing to spend between £20-£30 on an away fixture in today’s football, however ten years ago, the price of an away game would be considerably less. Some Championship clubs would charge visitors between £8-£15 with others stretching to £20 which is a reasonable price which most people and families can afford. Premier League football is without a doubt the most entertaining and dramatic football in the world and ten years ago, teams would have charged away fans between £15-£30. However, the realisation of the enormity of the league has prompted big teams such as Arsenal, Manchester City, Chelsea and a host of others, to demoralise the support of opposition fans by maximising ticket prices to increase revenue. Arsenal are one of the prime causes of the surge in ticket prices.

A recent Champions League fixture between the Gunners and German title holders FC Bayern Munich, saw a protest from a large majority of the Bayern support aimed at the hierarchy of Arsenal football club and the price of the Bayern Munich fans’ tickets which was an astonishing £64. A supporter group of the club publicly announced their disapproval at having to pay the immense price by stating that they would enter the stand after the first five minutes of the game. They carried out their promise which gained worldwide recognition of the ridiculous cost of football. Although the increase of money from tickets gains revenue for teams, Arsenal and other teams who exploit and defraud fans may be the ones who lose most excruciatingly.

Families who travel to football matches every weekend will be the most significant loss to football teams as they pay for more people and this is paramount to the reputation of a football team. If families decide the shocking prices aren’t worth their time, it will most definitely result in a dramatic drop in crowd numbers and several footballers describe the atmosphere and support of their team as a vital factor in the victory of football matches. If support drops, so does morale amongst the team which in the long term, suggests that £60 for a football game is more of a hindrance than a benefit as reduction in support can easily reflect in a team’s performance. Losing football games may encourage the loyal and most astute fans who pay any price to watch their team to abandon their pride and not visit their teams matches home or away which is devastating for the football club more than the fans.

Although fans lose the pleasure of watching scintillating football on a weekend and possibly their most interesting hobby, football teams lose support and faith and this can severely damage a team’s form and this is a definite outcome if the price of tickets continues to rise in the English football leagues.


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