A move to the unknown is not always as bad as it seems

Moving from home comforts to the unknown for a player at the start of his career is a daunting prospect.

For those who’ve got used to the luxuries and privileges of the Premier League for example, the majority of youngsters will be biding their time, trying to impress in the under 23’s games in the hope that they will one day get a call up to the first team. However, with a world full of talented footballers, this is sometimes career threatening for youngsters.

“> Zaha’s big move from Crystal Palace to Manchester United didn’t go to plan.

But football is changing season after season, and it seems young players are changing with it.

Scotland winger Oliver Burke deserves a notable mention for moving from Nottingham Forest and taking his chances in the German Bundesliga with RB Leipzig.


But Moussa Dembélé is a prime example of a young player making an interesting change to try and better themselves for their future, and when I say Moussa Dembélé, I mean the striker that plays for Celtic. It is easy for people to get two Dembélé’s confused considering they both came through the system at Fulham and have gone on to build excellent reputations of themselves.

More recently, Dembélé had a fantastic season at Fulham scoring fifteen goals in forty-three appearances. Nothing miraculous, but he did well to score the amount he did with the prolific Ross McCormack in form but as well as goals, the Frenchman showed he had the traits to become a world class striker.

Last summer’s transfer window presented the 20-year-old with several paths to choose from. Tottenham Hotspur seemed the most obvious choice, with the North London club building a reputation for developing youngsters with the likes of Dele Alli and Harry Kane making names for themselves. But in the end, Dembélé’s destination was surprisingly Scotland to play for the most established side in the country, Celtic.

The young forward has taken a route which would be at the back of a lot of people’s lists but it has proved useful in developing his game starting forty-nine games and converting an impressive thirty-two goals in all competitions. This has allowed Dembélé to experience a different style of football which could help him in the future instead of wasting time on the fringes of big clubs.



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