The Championship has been labelled one of the hardest leagues in the world, and rightly so…

If football fans were asked about which league they thought is the most difficult to be successful in, a large majority would say the Barclays Premier League and understandably, with it being the best division in the country.

But every season, three teams will underperform and drop down to take their chances in the Championship, which means that every season, a team of Premier League quality will be in the Championship.


This, unfortunately, makes it one of the hardest divisions to get out of, for those without Premier League experience anyway.

Parachute payments often gift relegated sides a route back to the top flight meaning they have the ability to buy quality to aid their bid in securing an instant return. Ipswich Town are a prime example of how difficult the second tier of English football can be.

Ipswich have competed in the Championship for the last fifteen years, never running away with it but neither have they been on the brink of relegation.



Despite several coaches being brought in, not one manager seems to have changed their style to better the Tractor Boys’ season. However, Ipswich’s status as a consistent mid-table side is not entirely their fault.

“For me the Championship is the hardest league in the world,” – Anthony Knockaert after losing in the play-offs. 

The teams that tend to compete tend to vary; those who lost out in the play-offs, those who fail to reach the play-offs and those who are relegated from the Premier League unless they are in a bad state with Aston Villa being a prime example of that this season.

So unless a team like the Ipswich are well backed, they are destined for an average finish, season after season and playing against teams who have won European trophies in the not so distant past, it is easy to see why they find it difficult to compete.

The Ipswich faithful have every right to complain about their club’s stature, but it is never as easy as it looks to build a team capable of getting promotion with a blend of experience, youth, unity and backing needed to even consider challenging the heavyweights of the division.


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